SHOP FOX M1014 Metal Bandsaw Review

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The SHOP FOX M1014 7-Inch by 12-Inch Metal Bandsaw is a practical addition to a tool or production shop and includes plenty of useful features.

It has the cutting capacity to handle larger jobs and its portable design means it is easily moved to a desired location.

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Whether it is the circular or rectangular cutting capacities, quick setting vise, or internal coolant system, there are plenty of high-quality features to help those working in a variety of industries. Here are some of the best features of the SHOP FOX M1014:

  • 1 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase, prewired 110V motor
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Variable speed blade (90, 135, 195, 255 FPM)
  • Automatic shut-off after each cut
  • Internal coolant system
  • Angled cutting ability
  • Quick-positioning vise
  • Fully coolant system
  • Handle and wheels for portability
  • Includes blade
  • 2-year limited factory warranty

Technical Details

Maximum capacity circular, 45°, 5 inches – Maximum capacity circular, 90°, 7 inches – Maximum capacity rectangular, 45°, 4-3/4-by-4-1/2-inch – Maximum capacity rectangular, 90°, 7-by-12-inch – Blade size: 93 x ¾ inch – Coolant capacity: 2 ½ gallons – Weight: 275 pounds – Dimensions: 48 L x 16 W x 37-5/8 H inch

Pros & Cons


With its high-quality features and solid construction, the SHOP FOX M1014 7-Inch by 12-Inch metal bandsaw has the ability to fit well in any production shops that needs to cut a variety of metals or other materials. Let’s look at some of the most attractive features of this metal cutting bandsaw:

  • The SHOP FOX M1014 is a large capacity horizontal band saw with the ability to cut circular and rectangular stock which makes it great for use in production shops
  • This high-capacity bandsaw is equipped with an internal coolant system (capacity 2-1/2 gallons) which has the ability to promote smother cutting performance and keep the operation temperature under control. Plus, this has the added benefit of extending the usable life of the blade.
  • The metal bandsaw has been built with a portable base design that has a small footprint of only 13 x 38 inch. Plus, with the handles and wheels, the SHOP FOX M1014 at 275 pounds is easily moveable within the shop environment.
  • The metal bandsaw is fitted with a 1 HP, 110V/220-Volt, single-phase, prewired 110-Volt motor for long-term reliability and performance.
  • The M1014 is built with a vertical cutting table to make it a practical piece of equipment for the vertical cuts. It has blade guides with ball bearings to increase control and accuracy of the blade and avoid issues with drifting when making the straight cuts.
  • The SHOP FOX 7-Inch by 12-Inch Metal Bandsaw is built with a quick-positioning vise to simplify the process of controlling the vise jaw action to match the clamping needs of the particular type of material.
  • For added safety, the SHOP FOX M1014 has a complete automatic shut-off system in place which switches the tool off after completing each of the circular or rectangular stock.


The SHOP FOX M1014 Metal Bandsaw has plenty of qualities that make it a popular choice for the pro contractors, but it does have one or two minor issues, including:

  • Even though the pre-package blade is course enough to give a reliable cut on a material like aluminum it can benefit to invest in a fine tooth blade for those planning to cut steel or similar hard metals.


Best metal cutting band saw is a huge claim, but we like this machine and think it could well take that title. If you are after a high-quality metal cutting tool for the home or workshop, the SHOP FOX M1014 is certain to give the desired performance when working on larger jobs and a choice of materials. With the 7 by 12 inch cutting action, hydraulic down fee, quick setting vise, internal coolant system, and variable cutting capacities, this bandsaw is certain to give a smooth and clean cut for different metals like copper, conduit, and threaded rod.

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