Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw Review

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The Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Two-Speed Band Saw is built with a balanced body design to give revolutionary cutting visibility and cutting accuracy on all site applications.

Plus, this portable bandsaw is constructed with crush zone barriers and composite materials to give long lasting performance and protection.

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Even though the Milwaukee 6238-20 is rich in performance enhancing features this still doesn’t have a negative impact on the portability for this industry leading tool. Let’s look at some of the most appealing features of this portable bandsaw:

  • Cutting capacity at 5 x 5 inch
  • Powerful 11 amp motor for fast and reliable performance
  • All metal direct drive for longer tool life
  • Constant Power Technology (CPT) to maintain speed
  • Slim motor housing for improved visibility and increase line of sight
  • Gear protected clutch
  • Debris protection system
  • LED light to illuminate the work area
  • Light weight model at just 14.5 pounds
  • 3-position tool-free shoe for easy adjustments
  • Debris protection system to prevent the worksite getting too cluttered
  • High strength design with crush zone for more durability
  • Tool-free lockable adjustable shoe

Technical Details

Power Source: AC/DC – Voltage: 120 volts – Cutting Diameter: 5 inches – Switch Style: On/Off Trigger – Motor: Two-Speed – Weight: 17.4 pounds – Dimensions: 21 x 6.5 x 12.5 inches

Pros & Cons


The Milwaukee 6238-20 is a perfect piece of machinery for cutting plenty of different materials, from common metal framing stock to reinforced steel. Here are several of the most attractive pros associated with this portable bandsaw:

  • This bandsaw is built to provide a cutting capacity of 5 x 5 inch which is effective when working with a variety of materials.
  • For better performance with different materials, the Milwaukee 6238-20 include a variable speed dial which quickly changes the speed from 100 to 350 sfm to closely match the specific material cut.
  • The powerful 11 amp motor includes the latest Constant Power Technology (CPT) which is appreciated for its ability to maintain the speed of the blade even when working on the most difficult applications.
  • The Milwaukee 6238-20 is built with jobsite armor technology to give this portable bandsaw significantly more durability than standard units. It has crush zone barriers and composite materials to give the reliable and long-term strength.
  • The housing of this portable bandsaw has been made intentionally slim to provide line of sight on the cut.
  • The lightweight nature of the Milwaukee 6238-20 means it is easy to use and less likely to lead to fatigue, especially if cutting metal or other materials overhead.
  • It is designed with a built-in LED light to make it possible to work in more environments, including those poorly lit spaces.
  • The built in hang hook is a practical addition to make it possible to safely hang the saw without causing damage to the casting or front handle which can easily happen if regularly left on the floor or similar hard surface.
  • It is designed with an ergonomic soft-grip handle and slim body to lower the likelihood of experiencing issues with discomfort.


  • This bandsaw can feel a little heavy to start with but with time and two steady hands it is possible to appreciate the excellent quality of this tool. Also, the weight of this tool is what helps to steady its performance.
  • Also, the tool can start to feel quite loud if planning to use it for a long time.


Built to provide unprecedented durability and performance, the Milwaukee 6238-20 Deep Cut Portable Two-Speed Band Saw is a perfect saw for a wide range of applications. The balanced body design of the Milwaukee band saw means it is comfortable to use and rests naturally in the hands. It also features an all metal direct drive zone, revolutionary cut visibility, crash zone barriers, and gear protected clutch to provide long-term use in the metalworking industries.

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