JET 414455 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw Review

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The JET 414455 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw is a practical piece of machinery for the professional and built to handle plenty of different jobs.

This saw has the ability to give a precision cut after cut and useful for tool or maintenance shops.

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This Jet horizontal band saw has a solid build with a large square frame and fast acting vise for ease in setup and reliable cutting performance. It is built with a long list of practical and safety features, including:

  • High performance 3/4 HP, 115-volt motor
  • Variable blade speed (80, 130, 180, 265 SFPM)
  • Blade drive is solid built in steel
  • Rapid acting vise
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic feed system
  • Bronze worm gear operates in an oil bath for a smooth performance
  • Solid construction in cast iron for both the saw head and table
  • Blade guides for accurate cutting
  • Adjustable material stop
  • Automatic shut-off when the blades completes a cut
  • Wheel kit for ease in relocating the bandsaw in the workshop
  • 2-year warranty

Technical Details

Round at 45°, 4-1/2 inches – Round at 90°, 7 inches – Rectangle at 45°, 7 x 3-1/2 inches – Rectangle at 90°, 2 x 12 inches & 7 x 10-1/2 inches – Blade size 3/4 x 0.035 x 93 inches – Weight 308 pounds – Floor space 50 x 18 x 41 inches

Pros & Cons


The upgraded JET 414455 has plenty of positive features to attract the attention of the professionals such as the rapid acting vise and its huge square frame. Let’s look at some of the best qualities of this heavy-duty saw:

  • For increased accuracy and the precision cut, the JET bandsaw is fitted with adjustable blade guides that are easily adjusted to match the different type or size of metal.
  • The blade drive is in a solid steel construction which includes a heat-treated worm that operates a bronze work gear which is oil soaked.
  • The quick-positioning vise helps to increase the efficiency of using this bandsaw while the jaws are fully adjustable and swivel to an angle of 45 degrees. This fast setup is certain to appeal to those machine shops that regularly change the type of material cut.
  • This Jet horizontal band saw is built to provide long-term performance with the saw head and table constructed in heavy-duty cast iron. The solid cast iron construction means this tool gives a stable platform, even when cutting the more resilient metals.
  • The metal bandsaw is designed to automatically shut-off after completing each cut. This is great for safety reasons because it stops the blade action while not in actual use.
  • To extend the usable lifespan of the bi-metal blade the bandsaw is equipped with a full coolant system.
  • For complete ease in relocating this metal bandsaw in the workshop, the blade wheels make it possible to maneuver the saw to a new location as and when needed. Plus, the wheels are constructed in flanged cast iron for long-term performance.
  • JET machinery comes with a complete user manual to ensure this heavy-duty piece of equipment is used to its full potential, while making sure the safety features are known and understood.


The Jet horizontal band saw has a wide range of positives that make this piece of machinery a practical addition to a well-stocked tool, fabrication, or maintenance shop. However, the higher price tools don’t seem to attract as many online reviews and therefore it is difficult to list issues noticed by customers when using this particular piece of equipment.


Overall, the JET 414455 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw is a high-quality piece of machinery for the professional and comes at a good can be considered as a runner for Best metal bandsaw, for the professional work shop. It is fitted out with plenty of practical features to provide a fast and efficient metal cutting action at the higher end of the market. Plus, with the quick set up design and full operation manual included it shouldn’t take long to get up and running in the workshop.

Why not find out more about the JET 414455 Wet Bandsaw and discover the best prices at


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