DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw Review

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The DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw is built with a variety of high-end and versatile features that makes it perfect for all-types of cutting applications.

Its LED sight line, integrated hanging hook, and ergonomic grip option means it has every area covered when it comes to convenience of use.

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The DEWALT DWM120 is a solid built and powerful tool that has the ability to make the precise cuts even in the most difficult to reach places. Let’s get an at a glance look at some of the best features of this portable bandsaw:

  • High-performance 10 amp motor for tough work assignments
  • Multi-speed control (100-350 sfm) for greater versatility
  • 5 inch cutting depth for rectangular stock
  • 5 x 4-3/4 inch cutting depth for round stock
  • LED sight light to simplify the process of making precise cuts
  • Solid construction with rubber bumpers and steel shroud
  • Blade tracking adjustment to minimize wear
  • Convenient hanging hook
  • Comfortable handle for better control
  • Includes hex wrench and standard blade
  • 3-year warranty

Technical Details

deep-cut round-stock capacity, 5-inch – rectangular-stock capacity, 5 by 4-3/4-inch – Weight: 18 pounds – Power Source: corded-electric: Voltage: 120 volts – Blade size: 44.875- by .500- by .020-inch – Dimensions 21 x 23.4 x 13.2 inches

Pros & Cons


The high-performance motor, variable-speed settings, and drill-like handle make the DEWALT DWM120 a pleasure to use in a variety of different applications. For those interested in a quality deep-cut bandsaw, this DEWALT model is certain to please. Here are some of the top selling points of this portable bandsaw that are worth investigating further:

  • The variable speed dial (100 sfm to 350 sfm) makes it possible to fully adjust the speed of this bandsaw to match the specific application. Plus, the 10 amp motor has enough power and performance to make sure it doesn’t get bogged down when working on the most difficult cuts.
  • The DEWALT DWM120 has a choice of cutting depths which range from 5 inches for the round stock and 5 x 4-3/4 inch for the rectangular stock.
  • For optimal performance when working with the different materials, this portable bandsaw is fitted with an adjustable material guide.
  • The blade tracking adjustment feature is a perfect addition to help preserve the life of the blade while also improving the blade tracking capabilities.
  • For the difficult jobs in tight space with minimal light, the DEWALT DWM120 has an LED sight indicator which is appreciated for its ability to clearly light up the cutting area.
  • To avoid causing damage to the saw when not in use the integrated hang hook is a useful addition to keep the tool safe and minimizes accidental damage that might result from being left on the floor.
  • The DEWALT DWM120 is built with a multi-position and adjustable front handle for increased accuracy, balance, and comfort.
  • The blade support system with its dual bearing-blade guide roller means this saw is more durable and easily adapts to the needs of different materials.
  • The DEWALT portable has been independently certified to ensure it is able to comply with all applicable standards.


The DEWALT DWM120 is a high-quality piece of machinery that seems to have attracted minimal negative feedback. Cons related to this tool include:

  • Similar to other portable bandsaws, the DEWALT DWM120 is not fitted with a trigger lock which means it is necessary to hold the switch down to keep the motor running.


With its variable speed control and powerful 10 amp motor, the DEWALT DWM120 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw is a high-end piece of machinery for use by pro contractors in many different applications. It is also designed with convenience and durability in mind with feature like the LED sight light and adjustable material guide.

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